Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass beads, Stainless Steel 14 Inch Choker with Pearl & Bead Clusters



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I chokermade chokerthis chokerstunning choker14 chokerinch chokerChoker chokerwith chokerawesome chokersilver-toned chokercurved chokerbeads. chokerI chokerthink chokerit's chokerreally chokereye-catching, chokerespecially chokerwith chokerthe chokerbead chokerclusters chokerbetween chokereach chokercurved chokerbead. chokerEach chokercluster chokerconsists chokermainly chokerof chokera chokersmall chokeramber, chokergreen chokerand chokerpearl chokerbead chokerwith chokercute chokersilver-colored chokeraccents chokeron chokertop. chokerIt chokerhas chokera chokerbar chokerand chokerring choker(toggle) chokerstyle chokerclasp.Get chokerThe chokerSet! choker- chokerClick chokerthis chokerlink chokerto chokersee chokerthe chokermatching chokerearrings chokerfor chokerthis chokernecklace:https://www./listing/124575399/stainless-steel-stud-earrings-with-greenYour chokerjewelry chokercomes chokerin chokercustom chokerpackaging chokerthat chokeris chokerperfect chokerfor chokergift chokergiving. choker(See chokerPicture chokerAbove)

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