Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

brooches, Hand Embroidered Brooch Personalized Initial Letter N



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Cute hand stitchedlittle hand stitchedbrooch, hand stitchedhand hand stitchedembroidered hand stitchedwith hand stitcheda hand stitchedthe hand stitchedletter hand stitchedN, hand stitchedblack hand stitchedthread hand stitchedon hand stitchedvintage hand stitchedbeige hand stitchedcotton hand stitchedfabric. hand stitchedThe hand stitchedbrooch hand stitchedmeasures hand stitched3.5 hand stitchedcm hand stitchedor hand stitchedjust hand stitchedunder hand stitched1.5 hand stitchedinches hand stitchedwide.

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