Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

romantic, Brass Half Moon// Silver Ladder // Gold and Silver // Earrings



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***Due hand stampedto hand stampedCovid-19 hand stampedStay hand stampedIn hand stampedPlace hand stampedin hand stampedour hand stampedcity, hand stampedall hand stampedorders hand stampedwill hand stampedbe hand stampedshipped hand stampedout hand stampedafter hand stampedApril hand stamped8th. hand stamped hand stampedThank hand stampedyou hand stampedand hand stampedstay hand stampedhealthy! hand stampedxo*Half hand stampedmoon hand stampedbrass, hand stampedcut hand stampedand hand stampedfiled, hand stampedhang hand stampedfrom hand stampedsilver hand stampedbugle hand stampedbeads. hand stamped hand stamped*Gold hand stampedplated hand stampedear hand stampedwire hand stampedand hand stampedbrass hand stampedchains. hand stamped*Hangs hand stamped2.75"xoLena\u27b8 hand stampedinstagram hand stamped| hand stampedniceLena\u27b8 hand stampedpintrest hand stamped| hand stampedniceLena\u27b8 hand hand stamped| hand stampedniceLena\u27b8 hand stampedwebsite hand stampedl hand\u27b8 hand stampedmy hand stampedguy's hand stampedfurniture hand stampedl hand stampedwageoflabor.

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