Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

floral brooch, Cultured PEARL and MARCASITE BROOCH - Long Flower - Large Pearl - Safety Clasp



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LOVELY sterling marcasiteESTATE sterling marcasiteMARCASITE sterling marcasiteBROOCH sterling marcasiteWITH sterling marcasiteLARGE sterling marcasiteCULTURED sterling marcasitePEARL sterling marcasiteFLOWERGoddessandco sterling marcasiteis sterling marcasitepleased sterling marcasiteto sterling marcasiteoffer sterling marcasitefor sterling marcasitesale sterling marcasitethis sterling marcasitebeautiful sterling marcasitesinewy sterling marcasiteestate sterling marcasitemarcasite sterling marcasite sterling marcasitebrooch sterling marcasitewith sterling marcasiteluscious sterling marcasitepearl sterling marcasite"flower".Good sterling marcasiteConditionSIZE: sterling marcasite3 sterling marcasiteand sterling marcasite1/2 sterling marcasiteinches sterling marcasitelong sterling marcasiteand sterling marcasite1 sterling marcasiteand sterling marcasite3/8 sterling marcasiteinches sterling marcasitewideWEIGHT:10.35 sterling marcasitetotal sterling marcasitegram sterling marcasiteweightMEASUREMENT: sterling marcasitePearl sterling marcasiteis sterling marcasite18 sterling marcasitemm sterling marcasitein sterling marcasitediameter

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