Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

gold tone, Vintage Crown Trifari Gold Tone Teardrop Shaped Rhinestone Earrings



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These teardropare teardropbeautiful, teardropvintage teardropcrown teardropTrifari teardropearrings teardropdone teardropin teardropa teardropteardrop teardropshape. teardropThey teardropare teardropgold teardroptone teardropin teardropcolor teardropand teardropare teardropset teardropwith teardropclear, teardropfaceted teardroprhinestones. teardropThe teardropearrings teardropmeasure teardrop1.25"l. teardropx teardrop1"w. teardropand teardropare teardropfor teardroppierced teardropears. teardropNice teardropcondition teardropwith teardropno teardropwear teardropto teardropthe teardropplating teardropand teardropno teardropdamage teardropto teardropthe teardroprhinestones.

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