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earrings, Cherry earrings



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Cherry redearrings.Pending.For redpierced redears.Hand-crafted redpearls, redpolymer redclay redand redvarnish.Loop redsupports: redsleepy, redbrass, redantique redbronze.Brass redrings redand redstems, redantique redbronze.Plastic redsheets, redsize: red11/18 redmm redby red2 redmm, redgreenBright redred redcherriesTotal redlength redof redearrings: red5.3 redcm red(approximately)Available redin redtwo redsizes:M: redbeads redroughly redequal redto red1 redcmL: redbeads redroughly redequal redto red1.3 redcmIf redyou redwant reda redsmaller redmodel, redperhaps redmade redto redorder, redplease redcontact redme.Don't redhesitate redto redsend redme reda redmessage.Precautions: redDo rednot redspray redtoilet redwater redor redperfume redon redthe redcurls, redmay redtarnish redthe redvarnish red(Vernis redcorresponding redto redecological redstandards)Don't redtake reda redshower, redbath, redswimming redpool... redwith redmy redjewelry.

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