Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Mala Green chain Meditation Buddhism Stupa 101k



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A beadsbeautifully beadsdelicate beadsmala beadsfrom beads108 beadsbright beadsgreen beadsballs.The beadsMala beadshas beadsa beadsgreen beadsguru-pearl beadsand beadsStupa beadsand beadsconcludes beadswithA beadssun-yellow beadsSch\u00fctzerknoten.A beadsgreat beadsjob beadsfrom beadsNepal.Weight: beads36 beadsg beads\u2022 beadsCircumference: beads68 beadscm beads\u2022 beads\u00d8 beadsof beadsballs: beads6 beadsmm beads\u2022 beads101kPlease beadsnote beadsthat beadsthis beadsis beadsa beadsdelicate beadsmala. beadsAs beadsthe beadsMala beadsis beadson beadsthe beadsneck, beadsyou beadssee beadsin beadsthe beadspicture beadswith beadsthe beadsbrown beadsbust.

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