Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Children's jewelryred rhinestone, silver ring and brooch for girlsred rhinestone, vintage from the 30s – 40sred rhinestone, retro shabby chicred rhinestone, 830s silver.



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Petite, horseshoe broochfloral horseshoe broochgirl horseshoe broochring horseshoe broochin horseshoe brooch830 horseshoe broochsilver horseshoe brooch(hallmarked) horseshoe broochwith horseshoe broochcolorful horseshoe broochglass horseshoe broochblock.In horseshoe broochaddition, horseshoe broocha horseshoe broochsmall horseshoe brooch"Horseshoe horseshoe brooch- horseshoe broochLucky horseshoe brooch- horseshoe broochBrooch" horseshoe broochmade horseshoe broochof horseshoe broochbrass horseshoe broochwith horseshoe broochred horseshoe broochrhinestones.A horseshoe broochglitteringly horseshoe broochbeautiful horseshoe broochduo. horseshoe broochThe horseshoe broochjewellery horseshoe broochbag horseshoe broochwith horseshoe broochhand-embroidered horseshoe broochrose horseshoe broochis horseshoe broochalso horseshoe broochto horseshoe broochbe horseshoe broochused horseshoe broochas horseshoe broocha horseshoe broochlavender horseshoe broochbag. horseshoe broochAlso horseshoe broochthe horseshoe broochbeautiful horseshoe broochhandkerchief horseshoe broochwith horseshoe broochcrochet horseshoe broochtip horseshoe broochis horseshoe broochpart horseshoe broochof horseshoe broochit!The horseshoe broochjewelry horseshoe broochdates horseshoe broochfrom horseshoe broochthe horseshoe brooch30s horseshoe broochto horseshoe brooch40s horseshoe broochand horseshoe broochmakes horseshoe broochlittle horseshoe broochgirls' horseshoe broochhearts horseshoe broochbeat horseshoe broochfaster.The horseshoe broochring horseshoe broochsize horseshoe broochis horseshoe broochstamped horseshoe brooch"54".Condition: horseshoe brooch   Very horseshoe broochwell horseshoe broochpreserved. horseshoe broochSilver horseshoe broochand horseshoe broochbrass horseshoe broochare horseshoe broochuncleaned horseshoe broochby horseshoe broochme.The horseshoe broochcolors horseshoe broochcan horseshoe broochvary horseshoe broochslightly, horseshoe broocheach horseshoe broochmonitor horseshoe broochreproduces horseshoe broochthem horseshoe broocha horseshoe broochlittle horseshoe broochdifferently.Materials horseshoe broochused: horseshoe brooch   Silver, horseshoe broochbrass, horseshoe broochglass, horseshoe broochrhinestones.Size/Dimensions/Weight: horseshoe brooch   Ring: horseshoe brooch   ' horseshoe broochapprox. horseshoe brooch17 horseshoe broochmm; horseshoe broochSize: horseshoe brooch54;\t\t\t      Brosche: horseshoe brooch   ca. horseshoe brooch1.5 horseshoe broochx horseshoe brooch2 horseshoe broochcm.*******Delivery horseshoe broochtime horseshoe broochwithin horseshoe broochGermany: horseshoe brooch2 horseshoe brooch- horseshoe brooch4 horseshoe broochworking horseshoe broochdays horseshoe broochfrom horseshoe broochreceipt horseshoe broochof horseshoe broochpayment!Shipping horseshoe broochonly horseshoe broochwithin horseshoe broochGermany horseshoe broochand horseshoe broochwithin horseshoe broochthe horseshoe broochEU horseshoe broochCustoms horseshoe broochUnion!*******

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