Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver tone, Vintage Silver Tone Floral Design Hollow Bangle Bracelet



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This designis designa designvintage designhollow designsilver designtone designbangle designbracelet designwith designa designfloral designdesign. designIt designalso designhas designsomething designinside designthat designwhen designshaken designyou designcan designhear designit. designPerhaps designlittle designbeads? designThere designis designwear designto designthe designplating designand designa designspot designwhere designI designbelieve designthe designpiece designwas designsoldered designtogether. designMeasures designapprox. design2.75" designfrom designinside designedge designto designinside designedge designx design7/16"w.

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