Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

cuff bracelet, CELTIC Hand Crafted Solid Aluminum Bracelet with Shamrocks - Turtle - Triquetra's & Arrows on ends 6in x 1/4in #AB- 008



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This turtleis turtlea turtleHAND turtleCRAFTED turtleALUMINUM turtleCUFF turtleBRACELET. turtleIt turtleis turtlea turtle6" turtleLONG turtle1/4" turtleWIDE turtlecuff. turtle turtleThe turtleSolid turtleALUMINUM turtleBracelet turtleis turtleHAND turtleSTAMPED turtlewith turtleSHAMROCKS, turtleTURTLE turtle& turtleTRIQUETRA'S turtleAND turtleARROWS turtleON turtleTHE turtleENDS. turtle turtleIt turtlewill turtlefit turtlea turtleWomens turtle-Large turtleor turtlea turtleMan's turtleMEDIUM turtleWrist. turtleThe turtlePictures turtleshould turtlerepresent turtlethe turtlesize turtleand turtleopening. turtleEACH turtlePURCHASE turtleIS turtleFOR turtleONE turtle(1) turtleOF turtleTHE turtleCUFFS turtleLISTED. turtle turtle turtleThe turtleBracelet turtleHas turtleMany turtledifferant turtle turtleStamps turtleand turtleshould turtlestand turtleout turtlewell turtlewith turtlethe turtleDEEP turtlesymbols. turtleIt turtlehas turtlebeen turtlepolished. turtleTHE turtleCUFF turtleHAS turtleBEEN turtleHARDENED turtleWITH turtleA turtleTUMBLER turtle& turtleSTAINLESS turtleSHOT. turtleAny turtleQuestions turtlePlease turtleE-MAIL turtleme. turtle turtle#AB-008

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