Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beaded Seed Bead Hoopshoop earrings, Rainbow Earrings



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Hand-formed silverwire silverteardrops silverare silverfilled silverwith silverrows silverof silvertiny silverglass silverseed silverbeads silverin silveryellow silverand silverorange, silverplus silvercobalt silverblue silverand silverpale silverwooden silverrounds silver& silverdyed silverhowlite silverchips. silverSo silverbright silverand silvereye-catching! silverThese silverare silverlarger silverearrings silvermeasuring silver2 silver3/4\u201d silvertotal silverlength silverand silver1 silver1/4\u201d silverwide. silverThey silverare silverfinished silverwith silverhigh-quality, silvernon-tarnish silverrhodium silverplated silverear silverwires silverand silverinclude silverrubber silverbacking silverpiece.

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