Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage necklaces, 5.25 FT long vintage cobra chain necklace with faux pearls and hematite beads . 63" long



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Almost shiny goldas shiny goldlong shiny goldas shiny goldI shiny goldam shiny goldtall, shiny goldthis shiny goldvintage shiny goldnecklace shiny goldmeasures shiny gold5.25 shiny goldFEET shiny goldlong shiny gold(63 shiny goldinches). shiny goldExcellent shiny goldcondition, shiny goldno shiny goldflaws. shiny goldCirca shiny gold70s/80s. shiny goldThe shiny goldnecklace shiny goldis shiny golda shiny goldshiny shiny goldgold shiny goldtone shiny goldcobra shiny goldchain shiny goldwith shiny goldfake shiny goldpearl shiny goldbeads shiny goldand shiny goldhematite shiny goldchunk shiny goldbeads. shiny goldModern shiny goldflapper!Ships shiny goldin shiny golda shiny goldgift shiny goldbox.I shiny goldcombine shiny goldshipping shiny goldon shiny goldmultiple shiny

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