Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

wood, Tribal Wolf Earrings



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Do woodyou woodlove wooda wooddesign woodthat woodreflects woodyour woodnatural woodspirit, woodbut woodis woodcoupled woodwith wooda woodbit woodof woodmodern woodflare? woodThese woodTribal woodWolf woodearrings woodbring woodthat woodfeel. woodThey woodare woodlaser wooddesigned woodand woodcrafted woodfrom woodbirch woodwood woodand woodfaux woodleather, woodthen woodassembled woodwith woodantique woodbrass woodfindings. woodThey woodare woodsimple woodbut woodwill woodcertainly woodaccent woodyour woodstyle. woodThey woodmeasure wood2.75”length woodx wood1.625” woodwidth

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