Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

vintage charm, Like Two Peas in a Pod Green Stone and Vintage Leaf Charm Necklace



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This gold filledsweet gold filledpea gold filledof gold filleda gold fillednecklace gold filledfeatures gold filleda gold filledgreen gold filledstone gold filledand gold filleda gold filledvintage gold filledleaf gold filledcharm gold filledsuspended gold filledfrom gold filleda gold filledgold-filled gold filledchain. gold filledThe gold filledchain gold filledmeasures gold filled18", gold filledbut gold filledis gold filledavailable gold filledin gold filled16" gold filledlengths gold filledupon gold filledrequest. gold filledPlease gold fillednote gold filledthat gold filledthere gold filledmay gold filledbe gold filledsome gold filledcolor gold filledvariations gold filledamong gold filledthe gold filledgreen gold filledstones, gold filledso gold filledyours gold filledmay gold filleddiffer gold filledslightly gold filledfrom gold filledthe gold filledimage.

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