Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

long beads, Vinitage New Orleans Mardi Gras plastic carnival beads from the 70's - 45 inches LONG! #P61



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These new orleanswere new orleanscaught new orleans(by new orleansme) new orleansat new orleansa new orleansNew new orleansOrleans new orleansMardi new orleansGras new orleansparade new orleansin new orleansthe new orleans1970's. new orleans new orleansListing new orleansis new orleansfor new orleanstwo new orleans new orleansnecklaces. new orleans new orleansThese new orleansare new orleanseach new orleans45 new orleansinches new orleansLONG new orleansThe new orleansbeads new orleansare new orleansnot new orleanssmooth new orleansbut new orleansribbedSame new orleansdesign new orleansin new orleanstwo new orleanscolors, new orleansred new orleansand new orleansgoldThey new orleanslook new orleansvery new orleansnice new orleansworn new orleanstogetherYou new orleansdon't new orleanssee new orleansthese new orleansolder new orleanslong new orleansones new orleansvery new orleansoften. new orleansQuestions new orleanswelcome.I new orleansship new orleansto new orleansUSA new orleansonlyI new orleanshave new orleansa new orleanscat--he new orleansdoesn't new orleanssmoke! new orleans new orleans:)

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